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Shortcut for doing audience research.

Get smarter faster for doing audience research. Get important information at a glance about any audience like: Demographics, Behaviors, Text Insights and many more from the third party data

Privacy is at our core, so we anonymize all the data we collect

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Relyft Model Framework


Understanding even the apparent need is crucial. Assumptions and misunderstandings lead to erroneous conclusions and behaviors. The hardest part is finding the data.


The data collected is then anonymized and hashed to protect the privacy of the user and remove any and all information, while storing it in a discrete and distributed database.


We decide what data needs to be used in order to answer the needs of the researcher and organize it in a useful manner. So that AI can access it efficiently.


The data collected is then passed to our AI to get all the raw data that is needed to analyze it. AI is essential for removing anomalies and amplifying the data.


Amplified & filtered data from AI is processed to derive meaningful insights and stored in the database.


Analyzed data is then presented over the UI of the dashboard.

All this process takes about a minute, which traditionally takes 2-3 weeks.

Our smartest AI in action.

Our AI is built on majorly two engines, Morality Engine - It's a privacy filter which removes users identity from the data. And Eureka Engine - To discover the audience from the raw data and convert it into meaningful insights. Our data collection pipeline is based on Generative Pre-trained Scrapper which acts as a searching interface over 20+ data points.

Make your messages more relevant to your audience.

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Use emotions not CAC/LVT to describe your customers

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