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We are not just a startup we are a family. We believe in helping startups, product owner and marketers to get indepth insights on the customer segment and how can it be targetted.

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To assist individuals in spending more time engaging with their audience rather than spending time searching for them, and provide everyone with our most comprehensive, intelligent, and pervasive research platform for live audience monitoring.

Our Vision

Marketing is an art, and we are here to offer you the very best brush that can possibly be discovered anywhere in the world, and continue to provide you with powerful AI-driven products that allow you to monitor and analyse your audience on the go.

We think ahead

"We are constantly striving to lead the world towards a richer and more progressive future and hope to create a more just, diverse, generous and just world." That is why we are working hard to create a brand that is valued and appreciated by customers, forward-thinking employees, investors, communities and the general public in the e-world.

Brains behind Relyft

Karan Sawant

If you can't program it, You don't understand it

Recently, the "Ask not to track" feature of Apple has led to an increase in the cost of acquisition. And Chrome is also changing its policy, which is more inclined towards privacy. So doing audience research is the key to making your messages more relevant to your audience.
PS: I should call it Brain behind Relyft

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